LaKSH L&D Initiatives

LaKSH enables its business partners to achieve personal effectiveness and organisational development through strategic training and coaching initiatives.

We understand the needs of Businesses and also the capabilities of Learning & Development Initiatives to meet these needs.

We believe that Enterprises are made up of People who create Products using Processes for the purpose of Pay-Off.

In Business this Pay-Off is called Profit. Non-Profit Enterprises can have other Pay-Offs.

We believe that Organisational Development depends hugely on Personal Effectiveness of its People.

Thus we work with Organisations to create Personal Effectiveness through which Organisational Development can occur.

We believe that Values lead us to form Beliefs
Beliefs provokes Thoughts & Feelings
Thoughts & Feelings influence Choice of Our Behavior
Behavior creates Results in our Lives
Results & Experiences further fuel back into our Values & Beliefs

If we want to Influence the Results & Experiences of Our Lives, it is imperative that we Influence the Values, Beliefs, Thoughts & Feelings, Awareness and Choices of Behaviors we make.

LaKSH L & D INITIATIVES seeks to influence these areas as required through, Activities, Games, Direct Interactions, Demonstrations, Discussions, Deliberations, Observations, Feedback, Coaching, Counselling and many such tools.

We Believe
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